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Barrette's, LLC

Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975Quality hardwoods since 1975
Big red barn, home to Barrette's, LLC

The Barrette Niche

"I've looked everywhere for this" is a phrase we often hear at Barrette's. Family owned and operated for nearly 45 years, we have fine-tuned our process to provide the region's woodworkers with a truly unparalleled selection of straight, kiln-dried New England hardwoods and softwoods.  We stand out in our ability to supply walk-in ready finished lumber in an unprecedented range of thicknesses, widths, and lengths.  Spanning over a dozen species, it is not uncommon to find wood here over 4" thick, 42" wide, and 18' long.  Interested in hardwood flooring or a custom counter top?   We have several unique options that would breathe life into your home or business.  Selections like ours are hard to come by - especially ones held to such a high standard of quality - so come meet the Barrettes and learn why so many of our customers refuse to shop anywhere else.  

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129 Robbins Road, Thompson, CT 06277

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