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Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975Quality hardwoods since 1975
Small portion of Barrette's S4S lumber inventory

A truly unmatched selection

At Barrette's, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply walk-in ready lumber in just about every dimension that your woodworking project could require.  We carry S4S lumber (finished on 4 sides) ranging in thickness from 1/2" to 4", width from 3" to 30", and length from 1'-16', with plenty of exceptions falling outside those ranges.  Our inventory spans over a dozen species, with a variety of grades and character appearances available in each, like curly, spalted, and rustic (to name a few).  Whatever your woodworking hobby or profession, trust the Barrettes to get you the wood you need.  As always, every piece of wood on our shelves is kiln dried to 6-8% moisture content before milling and kept in a climate controlled retail area to prevent unwanted warping.  


Common dimensions

Much of our inventory is dedicated to commonly sought after lumber, 1.25" and less in thickness and under 12' in length.  In general, our wood is finished by the inch in width, and by the quarter inch in thickness.  


Uncommon dimensions

You will find an abundance of lumber on our shelves that would normally require a custom order, if they could even be found at all.  Here is where you begin to discover wood over 1.5" thick, 16-18' long, and upwards of 20" in width.  


Mantels and beams

Outside the norm, we stock quite a bit of extra-thick wood, perfect for mantelpieces, beams, or anything else where serious rigidity is desirable.  



We've gathered quite a unique collection of square stock for posts or turning blanks.  We have squares as big as 4" spanning lengths from 2' to 12', sometimes even larger.  Figured hardwoods (curly, quarter sawn, etc.) included.

Small piece of tiger maple with heavy figure

Figured Hardwoods

If you're looking for some truly striking pieces, be sure to check in on our stock of figured wood.  Here you'll find all sorts of curly maple, ambrosia and spalted maple, quarter sawn oak, flame birch, bird's eye, and beyond.  Check out the gallery to see more.

There's more to explore!


Live Edge Slabs

Preserving a bit more of the wood's natural beauty 


Hardwood Flooring

Tongue and groove flooring in a variety of sizes and unique looks

Stunning figure in a glue-up maple countertop

Counters & Table Tops

Custom bookmatches and glue-ups, available in live or straight edge

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