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Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975Quality hardwoods since 1975

Live edge slabs

Many of the species we offer are regularly sawn into live edge slabs, ranging in finished thickness from 3/4" to 3", and occasionally beyond.  All of our slabs are kiln dried before milling.

We typically finished on two faces with the two live edges preserved, but can easily accommodate applications where only one live edge or some other configuration is desired.

Our slab department is truly a home for one of a kind pieces, just waiting for a project to accentuate their natural beauty.  Check out the gallery to see some of our pieces and the work that has been done with them.  

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Straight-Edge Lumber

S4S hardwoods and softwoods in just about every dimension you could need


Hardwood Flooring

Tongue and groove flooring in a variety of sizes and unique looks


Table & Counter Tops

Custom bookmatches and glue-ups, available in live or straight edge

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