About Us

Barrette's is a family owned wood supplier that specializes in high quality  flooring, unique table tops, and S4S lumber.  We carry about a dozen species of New England hard and softwoods, with a variety of appearances available in each species.   

What separates us is our ability to supply wood throughout a tremendous range of thickness, width, and length.  You can find wood here as thick as 4", as wide as 42", and as long as 18'.  Selections like ours are hard to come by, especially ones held to such a high standard of quality.

All of our wood is kiln dried to a moisture content of 7% before being carefully milled to ensure straight edges and precise dimensions.  Our time-tested process allows you to shop with confidence and avoid the hassle of working with wood that won't stay straight.  

Come visit the mill and take part in the Thompson experience!