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Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975Quality hardwoods since 1975

Counters and table tops

In addition to our extensive stock of finished lumber, we also manufacture custom glue-up counters and table tops.  Bring us your idea, and we'll work with you to choose your wood and lay out the design.  Then leave it to us to turn your idea into a beautiful top - glued, sanded, and ready for a finish.  

The process


Wood selection and layout

Tell us what you're looking for and leave it up to us, or let us work with you to lay out your top exactly how you want it.



After touching up the edges to ensure the tightest possible joint, your top is glued and sent to the clamps, all the while ensuring that everything remains flat and flush.  No need to worry about the glue compromising the integrity of the wood - glue joints are often stronger than the wood itself.  



Once the glue dries, your top gets sent to our 30" sander, where we move up in stages starting at 60 grit and finishing at 120 grit.  This removes any surface irregularities and prepares the piece to accept a finish.  We are happy to offer guidance on the best finishing techniques for your piece.  

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