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Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975

Quality hardwoods since 1975Quality hardwoods since 1975
Custom flooring and panelling job for Verde Vineyards, Johnston RI

Custom wood flooring to meet any need

You learn a thing or two being in the flooring business for nearly 45 years.  We are constantly analyzing and improving our process to ensure that your flooring installation is as smooth as can be.  Our tolerances are strict, and each piece is inspected at every step of the process for irregular thickness, warping, and anything else that may give you headaches down the road.  

Our vast selection of lumber allows us to accommodate a huge range of appearances within each species, including figured woods like quarter-sawn oak and curly/spalted/ambrosia maple.  The above photo is a great example, taken in the tasting room at Verde Vineyards in Johnston, RI.  It's just maple, but great care was taken to only supply pieces with the appropriate heartwood definition. 

If you're interested in a hardwood (or softwood) floor but haven't quite decided on the look, we have large samples of every floor that we can produce, allowing you to see the finished product before you make a decision.  We can offer guidance on finishing techniques as well, if need be. 

Stair Treads

Often, flooring jobs are complemented by a matching set of stair treads.  If this applies to you, trust us to make it happen.  We can produce treads in a variety of thicknesses and widths, and can provide bull nosing and other edge finishes that you may require.  

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